European Xen Virtual Private Servers

Unmanaged monthly performance servers are great for website hosting, forums, web-apps and game servers.

DDoS Protection

24/7 DDoS Protection included as standard with all our packages.

The DDoS protection monitors packets coming through the routers. When it detects a significant increase in either volume or size of traffic coming through the malicious traffic is vacuumed up automatically. The detection of malicious traffic takes from 15 to 120 seconds depending on the scale of the attack.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Complementary unlimited monthly bandwidth quota at 100Mbps

A worry free connection ensuring your applications are available no matter what traffic comes your way. No extra bandwidth "bundles" or per Gigabyte fees.

We actively monitor network throughput to ensure services are running smoothly.

Linux Operating Systems

A range of popular Linux distributions.

Our extensive range of instant install operating systems include:

5 6 7
6 7 8 9
16 17 19 20 21 22
12.04 12.10 14.04 15.04

Emergency Serial Console

Connect even when network configurations go awry.

Changing and updating configurations on your VM can be a very stressful operation. However to ensure you will always have access to your VPS we provide serial console access over SSH through our infrastructure.

It's simple to use and will help save your bacon in a tight situation. Bespoke Management Panel

With years of experience in the hosting industry we want to provide a great service which would be both easy to use and secure for our customers.

At the launch of zVPS we used the go-to billing software (WHMCS) to provision our service, every VPS provider was using it and from our first impressions looked great.

Then after weeks of continuous security alerts we audited the software and opted to remove it from our servers and ventured to create our own secure replacement.

For over a month our customers rejoiced (no billing = free servers) and we worked hard on a new secure panel aptly named zVPS Manager.


The zVPS Manager integrates with a number of complex API's to bring the management of your VPS into one easy to use interface. Including Europa VAT, PayPal, Xen Hypervisors, our dedicated server provider(s) and the IP management API.

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